Tunisia TESOL Third National Day

11 October 2014

Preparing for a Conference: From Abstract to Presentation

A Full Day Workshop

Presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill to get your message or opinion across. Today, these skills are in demand whether you are an undergraduate, a postgraduate student or a professional. You may very well be asked to make a presentation and expected to perform it well. This can be a very daunting task if you are not prepared for it.

To answer the needs of its wider membership, Tunisia TESOL is organizing a one-day training to help its members (both professionals and students) become confident, self-sufficient and skilful applicants and potential captivating presenters at national and international conferences. The full day training will cover mainly preparing for a conference (selecting the right conference), writing an abstract, submitting a proposal, putting together a presentation and actually presenting your work.  

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Emerging technologies and evolving pedagogies in ELT

12-14 February 2015




Tunisia TESOL 2nd International Conference aims to bring together scholars and practitioners around the theme of the use of technology in English language learning/teaching. We are interested in discussing the partial or total “blending” of technology into ELT curricula, course design, material development, day-to-day teaching as well as assessment.

We would like our conference to be an opportunity for practitioners to learn about the ways in which fellow teachers create “new learning spaces” and implement “innovative ideas” without losing sight of the learners’ needs as citizens in an increasingly globalized and digitized world.

The Organizing Committee invites various forms of submissions (presentations, posters, case studies, work-in-progress and product demonstrations, workshops, and product show-casing) on the topic of learning technologies and evolving pedagogies.

For details and proposal form see events

Registration number in Tunisia. 2013R04406APSF1,  JORT n° 138/29, p. 7034