What is Tunisia TESOL?
Tunisia TESOL is a professional association for anyone involved in English teaching in Tunisia. We welcome professionals of all kinds: teacher, lecturer, researcher, inspector, or administrator. We aim to cross the state-private-school divide and to work together with the common interest and goal of improving the level of English proficiency in Tunisia.

This website is the official source of information for Tunisia TESOL. Information on this site takes priority over social media sources.

Statement of the President
Establishing Tunisia TESOL, an affiliate of the international TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Organization, is a dream come true. Being a member of Tunisia TESOL will help you to be a professional in your field because it will keep you informed and point you to resources for self-development. In addition, it will keep you connected; it will help us all build a community of stakeholders involved in English language teaching/learning and related theoretical/applied research. As President of Tunisia-TESOL, I will do my best to promote these professional and community-building aspects of our affiliate organization, but I cannot do it alone.

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Important information
Read the constitution here:  Constitution of Tunisia TESOL    

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We have only started in February 2013, so please be patient! For many years there has been a local need to network and work together. The association, we hope provides the structure, but success will only come as you get involved and make things happen.

Tunisia TESOL is an affiliate of TESOL international and endeavours to further its mission and core values.

Brief announcements

Call for presentations!

Tunisia TESOL Second National Conference

10 May 2014

Reflective English Language Teaching: Exploring our own classroom practice

For details, see the Events Page

Deadline: 18th April.

Feb 11. We now have a bank account!

The treasurer announces that all the needed steps have been completed, and we now have a bank account. Details are on the contact page. This should make it easier for everyone.

Feb 8th. Board members were elected

Seven of the founders and three others stood for election and were approved by a large vote in favour. Welcome to three new directors. For details see the Newsletter

First International Conference 6-8 February 2014

For details see Events

Feedback is invited to tunisiatesol2013 at gmail.com

We will soon begin planning a day conference in May. Stay tuned.

Having problems with membership?

Sorry, we are still learning! There is a new simplified procedure – see members page. Please email the admin email:  tunisiatesol2013 at gmail.com with any questions

See the Members page for details

Registration number in Tunisia. 2013R04406APSF1,  JORT n° 138/29, p. 7034